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It's never easy to deal with problems on your own. Yes, smoking is a problem that you need to solve immediately and in order to do so, you need to take support from one of the quit smoking programs. No matter how much of a skeptic you are regarding the authenticity of these programs, they exist for a reason and that reason is -- quit smoking programs actually work! Therefore, check your local area for any paid or free quit smoking programs. Many voluntary organizations have sprung up that help smokers deal with psychological and physical problems. Medical institutions such as clinics are also known to offer such programs. Internet has also become an excellent source of help in this regard. You can always check out various websites that have been designed with the purpose of helping smokers quit. The good thing is that you have plenty of quit smoking programs to choose from.

A few, well-known programs are mentioned below that are doing commendable work in this regard.

- Freedom from Smoking by American Lung Association

You can get in contact with them at (775) 829-5864 to receive any information on the fee and/or their services. It also offers a free online service at www.ffsonline.org. The Freedom from Smoking program offers valuable support, education and various strategies to help smokers cope with quitting. Eight sessions are held, once every week which gives individuals ample time to replace their smoking habits with other healthier habits.

- N-O-T (Not on Tobacco) by American Lung Association

This program has been specifically designed for teenagers, consisting of ten sessions where one session is held every week. This program is offered free of charge, and schools are a common place where sessions of this program are held. Like the program mentioned before, this also educated teenagers on how to cope with behaviors arising after they quit smoking. For more information, visit https://www.lungusa.org/associations/states/nevada/local-offices/reno/.

- Quit Tobacco Program by Renown

This program offers group support as well individual instructions for every participant. To help evaluate participants, a Pulmonary Function test is performed at the start of the program and after the program ends, a second test is performed. This provides smokers with scientific data and proof to help them understand the side effects of smoking and the positive reaction after they've quit. Call them at 775-982-5073 or visit https://www.renown.org/homepage.cfm?id=1593 for more information. The program lasts for 4 weeks, where one session is held every week. It costs approximately $250, which can be covered by your insurance.

- Breathe Easy by Saint Mary's

This program is aimed at preventing relapse by offering individual strategies and stress management techniques. The program is held under the supervision of a nurse who is also a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and a tobacco treatment specialist who has received his/her certification from Mayo Clinic. The entire program consists of five sessions lasting for about 90 minutes. Call 775-770-7100, if you wish to register or 775-770-6210, if you want to find out more about the program. You can also visit their website https://www.saintmaryshealthplans.com/wellness/breathe.php.

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