Quit Smoking Today-Tips And Guide

Don't think you cannot do it, Quit Smoking Today because you can do it and do it now. If you are smoking then stop it right there, if you have a pack with you then throw it away in the dustbin and don't even bother looking it back again. For smokers it is the most difficult part because they think they won't be able to control themselves or the urge to smoke makes them very weak that they find all the solutions in smoking.

Quit Smoking Today decide and act upon it!

Here are some useful tips and guide that can help you Quit Smoking Today. We have prepared this literature after gathering true experiences from ex-smokers and the experts have really worked hard on it. It you follow than it will not only help you Quit Smoking Today but you will never thought of taking up this bad habit ever again. The guide will also help you prepare yourself going through the tough time which usually smokers face when giving up this habit.

The first and foremost is to think about it. Make a firm decision and make a promise to yourself that you will for sure Quit Smoking Today. Don't give any room to dishonesty, don't think of breaking the promise you have made to yourself. Always be positive and stick to your decision once you have decided. Quit Smoking Today this is decided and you have started acting upon it and had no smoke since morning. Just give a quick review to other reasons that can be beneficial if you have quitted this bad habit. Saving yourself from many life threatening diseases is first. Calculate the dollars you will retain in your pocket, extra time you will spend in working or an un interrupted work because will not be looking for a cigarette break. Your children will not complain of you smelling and most likely you will set for them an example.

Quit Smoking Today and note down today's date in bold or highlight it on your personnel calendar. Today is the day you have done a great job only for yourself. Inform your family, friends and office staff not to offer you cigarette because you are no longer a part of their smoking company. Keep the alternate ready like a chewing gum or a candy if you argue to go for a smoke break. Be mentally prepared for the feelings and state of restlessness that can come over. In extreme case you can also consult a physician that can help you advice a better alternate.

You have decided to lead a smoke free life, Quit Smoking Today and enjoy your first day. If you are following any quit smoking program for support than plan your day accordingly. Follow the instructions and act on them. Be a time dependant member. If your plan suggests any medicine than take it on time, do not quit your doses that will make it easy for you to jump back. Start exercising, take a long walk, indulge yourself in aerobic activity and practice yoga to strengthen your inhale and exhale capacities.

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