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Smoking is an addiction and like all addictive habits, it's hard to get rid of. Every time you think "I will stop smoking today" and even throw away all your cigarettes in a bid to prove it, it never takes too long to fall into a relapse. All the initial excitement of quitting fades away as you're back to square one and smoking like you hadn't even quit! So would you not love a solution without any side effects, relapses, or some form of never ending treatments? A solution, which does not involve the typical gums, patches, boring therapy sessions or even hypnosis.

To help you stop smoking today, it is very important to first provide the necessary motivation. Instead of giving reasons that verge on the point of emotional blackmail, it would be better to highlight some of the effects of smoking. These include irrepressible chronic coughing, recurrent long term and short term memory loss, chest pains, heavy breathing, ever increasing urges to get a drag of that cigarette, chronic bad breath and yellowing of the teeth. Do you even realize how bad you look with those years of smoking? Smoking is one act that really kills your good looks. If you stop smoking today, you pretty much put an end to worsening these conditions. They may not be reversed but at least you'll save yourself from any further damage. You have to realize that your smoking problem will kill you one day and you have to do something to stop smoking today. Here are some statistics to help you understand the severity of the problem:

- Every year around 440,000 Americans succumb to death because of smoking
- As much as $100 billion are spent each year in medical expenses to treat tobacco related cases
- According to estimates made by CDC, around $200 Billion productivity costs occur per year
- Approximately 46.3 million of people smoke cigarettes, which constitutes 23% of Americans.
- Compared to non-smokers, those who smoke are more likely to die of lung cancer. Similarly, they have double the chances of being killed by a heart attack.
- More than 126 million passive smokers risk heart disease each year.
- Smoking is also known to cause kidney and other respiratory disease.

As much as smoking is harmful and you should stop smoking today, it is even more harmful to opt for a treatment that could possibly add to the problem rather than solve it. Hence, here is a perfect solution to your smoking issues -- "Quit smoking Magic". It will help you to stop smoking today without putting a major hole through your pocket. You can use it to quit smoking, even though you might have been in the habit from 20 or so years. It will help you to stop smoking today like you would expect from any other professional. It's a guaranteed program to make you quit smoking at a faster rate, stop the cravings and never let you relapse. So try it today and stop smoking today.

Quit Smoking Today With The Popular Quit Smoking Magic Program (Risk Free - 60 Days)

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